Callout for contributors to Great Bear Rainforest project

Moon Willow Press, which runs BC Rainforest, is working on a special project, named The Enchanted Rainforest, to culminate in 2015-2016. This rainforest project will celebrate the Pacific Northwest Temperate Rainforest with a video/school project, printed book, and e-book and will include information from our Great Bear Rainforest Series as well as contributor quotes and… Read more »

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    New race to benefit the environment?

    The Race The Blue Dot Run is a grassroots volunteer effort to interest-check, fundraise for, and plan a potential 5K/10K family-oriented run/walk in the Tri-cities area of the lower mainland, BC, covering Port Moody, Coquitlam, and PoCo–but all runners and walkers from other areas are welcome! Fundraising would benefit the Blue Dot Campaign, which aims… Read more »

  • P1030506

    Interview with Katie Welch, author of The Bears As part our Women Working in Nature and the Arts series, an interview was published today today, this one with Katie Welch, author of The Bears. Katie was also a Canadian tree-planter for years in Canada and worked with Charlotte Gill (BC book award winner for Eating Dirt). Katie’s book imagines that a pipeline… Read more »

  • neilyoung

    The Blue Dot Campaign, One City at a Time

    Last night I sat, for the first time ever, in the audience of a town council meeting. The closest I had ever come to such a meeting was when I watched Blazing Saddles, where everyone was a “moron,” had a cow, or shared the surname of Johnson (as in Howard Johnson). All humor aside, my… Read more »

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    Fun facts about British Columbia’s rainforest

    Though we have provided a lot of useful information in our Great Bear Rainforest series, sometimes it’s helpful to lump together a list to help people understand the immensity and importance of our beautiful rainforest. As much as facts can be fun, however, it is helpful to truly appreciate and understand the depth of our… Read more »

  • wolf

    Wolves threatened in BC

    John F. Kennedy (whom I once saw speak up for clean water at a conference in Mexico), has written a moving piece in The Seattle Times about British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest being under siege. He describes the current battles taking place in BC to battles that have existed before, such as during the Clayoquot … Read more »

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    Art for Unis’tot’en Camp benefit auction

    Once again, donations and bids are being accepted for the Art for Unis’tot’en Camp. Donations help the camp to survive through the winter. Bids and donations will begin again in February (see the Facebook group). In the weeks leading up to the holidays, we donated three copies of our latest book, The Mysterious Frog. We also bid on… Read more »

  • thebears

    The Bears

    After taking a short break over the holidays, we come back thrilled to start work on our Enchanted Rainforest project. In the meantime we are also blogging, near Vancouver, on running, nature, and eco-fiction/art. Please check out these projects. At our Eco-fiction site, we recently posted a novel titled The Bears, by author Katie Welch…. Read more »

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    Top ten environmental novels to gift this holiday

    Our survival as a species relies on how well we preserve natural ecosystems, yet, markedly, since the industrial revolution, we have not been the best caretakers of our planet. You could say our actions are now biting us in the rear as we deal with a climate crisis, which Margaret Atwood has termed “everything change.”… Read more »

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    The holiday tree: real vs. artificial?

    Christmas tree tradition goes back a long way and originated in ancient times when people decorated their homes with evergreen boughs. This decoration was ornamental, and, depending on culture, also kept away witches and malevolent spirits. Evergreen boughs symbolized continued life throughout the year; for instance, ancient Egyptians worshipped the sun god Ra who they… Read more »

  • mysteriousfrog

    Art for Unis’tot’en Camp

    Reposted from’s running blog. My last couple blog posts reflected thoughts when running in the normal rainy storm season of the lower mainland, but the last couple days ushered in a cold arctic ridge of high pressure that has brought in chilly northeasterly outflow winds and cold blue skies with pure sunshine. This morning… Read more »

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