Hackers Release Leslie Jones's Nude Photos, Passport, License On Her Personal Website

It subsequently went offline after the hack.

Leslie Jones' website was apparently hacked on Wednesday in massive violation of the actress' privacy.

The hackers, who are still unknown, posted nude photos of Jones along with her driver's licence and passport information.

Her amusing tweets about the Olympics even earned her a trip to Rio, where NBC asked her to live tweet numerous events over the last two weeks.

After being dogged by racist trolls on Twitter last month, comedian and actress Leslie Jones had now become a victim of revenge porn. No word yet from Jones or the authorities, but we'll keep you posted.

Jones continued: "Are you gonna tell her the bullshit you tweeting to me".

Not too long ago, the Ghostbusters star was simply trying to enjoy excitement over her latest role when Twitter users started throwing truly vile sexist and racist harassment her way.

Leslie Jones has seemingly come under attack just because certain people don't like the way she looks. "It's very sick and sad". Neither Jones nor Sony (the studio behind "Ghostbusters") had passed comment on the situation at present. In addition to "Ghostbusters", she also recently appeared in the Amy Schumer blockbuster "Trainwreck". "But who else is gonna live tweet Game of Thrones!" she wrote.