NES Classic Edition: Nintendo confirms when it will restock the popular console

Mini NES Classic Edition is out of stock in most stores in the UK. When Nintendo released the Mini NES Classic Edition last Friday, it also took the opportunity to re-release online the instruction manuals of the 30 included NES games in all their original glory.

But very few shoppers were lucky enough to get their hands on one. Seriously, you can buy an entire NES library, a Top Loader, a PlayChoice 10 machine and an apartment to put them all in for that price. So far, there appears to be no sign of an attempt to rip the NES emulator off the system, or to cram more NES games onto a system already overflowing with pre-installed games.

As of 11.53am AEST, EB Games' black message had been replaced by another on a whitebackground telling customers the site was under "heavy load".

The outcry and devastation from disappointed gamers was evident in Amazon's customer reviews. However, the games library also differs from the Mini NES, featuring the likes of River City Ransom, Final Fantasy III and Solomon's Key.

Speaking of short controller cables, the NES Classic Edition's Asian counterpart, the Famicom Classic Edition's limitation is the smaller controllers that need to fit in the Famicom Mini's smaller frame.

Nintendo recruited for the Powerline and original Powerline operator. Will today's kids really play these games for hours on end, when they have an Xbox One or something similar to entertain themselves with instead?

I'm sorry, but Nintendo has become the absolute worst at making sure its products can be bought right out of the gate.

But the release of a three-minute video of the system left investors underwhelmed, sparking selling on the Tokyo stock market of shares in Nintendo, which had been buoyed by the success of "Pokemon Go" smartphone app earlier this year.

Interestingly, NES Classic Edition price is $59.99 which is a reasonable price for the device considering what it offers.

The consoles are listed anywhere between $300 and almost $10,000.