IPad Mini 4 With 128GB of Storage is only $399

Apple has just launched a refreshed tablet that it's simply calling iPad. The iPad mini 4 remains as Apple's last remaining 7.9-inch tablet.

Even though Apple reported sluggish first quarter sales of iPads, ending on December 31 wherein sales dropped 19 percent in units and 22 percent in revenue from the year-ago quarter, Apple CEO Tim Cook insisted that he is bullish on the iPad.

As for upgrades, the new iPad packs 2016's A9 processor, originally found in the iPhone 6s and the iPhone SE.

The big difference between the iPad and the iPad Air 2 is the price. It's priced lower than the 7.9-inch iPad mini 4 ($399), previously the lowest priced iPad you could buy. While it was unclear what iPad Apple would release, many thought that it would be the highly anticipated iPad Pro 2 as it has been a year since Apple released the 9.7-inch size variant of the device originally released in 2015. Still, it's surprising to see Apple take a step back in display technology, especially considering how crucial the screen is to the entire iPad experience.

As for the forecast, IDC's senior market analyst Karthik J said, "Recently, there is an increase in adoption of larger screen tablets in commercial segment we expect this to grow further in coming quarters". As someone who's used that tablet for three-plus years now, it's certainly not a heavy or unwieldy device. "That price is way above the competition, so this is a realigning of the product to bring it to a more competitive price point".

Apple's existing iPad lineup offers 60Hz screens, which are capable of displaying up to 60 frames-per-second. You get something which, while a little thicker than its predecessor, is still very portable.

Nobody knows more about commanding a premium price for hardware-and reaping the reward in high profits-than Apple. There is a chance that you will wake up tomorrow morning to a plethora of new 2017 Apple products on sale. The tablet will go on sale this Friday, March 24, on Apple's website and will start reaching customers and physical Apple Stores next week.

The jury is still out on whether or not this will actually turn iPad sales around. With the lower price-point, Forbes says this makes it clear they are competing directly with the affordable laptops primarily for students.

In recognition of more than 10 years of partnership between Apple and (RED), the iPhone 7 now comes in a stunning new colour. There wasn't much to demo onstage either, since these are all just tweaks of products we've seen already. Apple has donated $130 million to Red over that time, and the company has a history of creating red products to highlight the partnership.