Ryan health bill a disaster, call your GOP representative

The GOP leadership's "American Health Care Act" abandons one of the core goals of the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (better known as Obamacare) - extending insurance coverage to more people - while doing little or nothing to hold down medical costs or improve care.

The healthcare morass is hindering progress on Mr Trump's other priorities and the president would face serious questions about his ability to unify the party if the Republican plan were rejected. "Rand Paul. I do", Trump told the crowd.

Republican Rep. Mark Meadows of North Carolina told reporters on Wednesday there were not enough votes to pass the bill on Thursday.

Utah's four members of the House, Jason Chaffetz, Rob Bishop, Mia Love and Chris Stewart, have been generally supportive but all expressed reservations about the bill.

In a tweet, NBC news channel listed 26 House Republicans who have said they can not support the measure. "We're adding votes, we are not losing votes". Back then, Republicans bemoaned the year-long legislative process as too sudden, and as having a major bill "jammed down our throats". Eight other races, including Rep. Barbara Comstock of Virginia, were classified "leans Republican" in the rankings.

The White House has indicated that President Donald Trump would sign either of these two bills, if they should reach his desk.

Brown said, "This is a unsafe bill, it's written by people who don't know what the hell they're talking about".

But instead of using this anniversary to reflect on the positive changes the ACA has brought, or using it to offer improvements to the law, House Republicans will vote on Thursday on a bill that will strip millions of Americans of their health insurance coverage.

Senator Rand Paul says a proposed Republican healthcare overhaul bill was not likely to pass through Congress. Party leaders made tweaks to the bill late Monday, which they hope will allay concerns enough to allow the bill to squeak by in Thursday's vote.

Jack Bergman (R-Watersmeet) says he supports the GOP health care bill in its current form.

Columnist Joanna Allhands says the Affordable Care Act primarily benefits the poor at the expense of the middle class.

Democrats focused on recent projections by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office that the GOP would cost 24 million people coverage in a decade and drive up out of pocket costs for many, particularly lower earners and older people. The New York Times counts 47 Republicans concerned or outwardly opposed to the bill, a number that will decrease as final negotiations occur. "We would have to decide who we could cover and who we couldn't and those are not decisions we want to make".

But they were not repealed in the Republican health care bill, as it was originally released.

President Donald Trump went to Congress yesterday to win support for a bill to dismantle Obamacare, warning Republican lawmakers that they risk losing their majority in the U.S. legislature next year if they fail to pass the measure.