Super Mario Run Finally Comes To Android, Still Costs $10 To Finish

Unlike the Traditional Mario Game that can only played with two hands the new Mario game can be play with one hand. Hurry up and download Super Mario Run now!

Almost four months after launching the legendary game - Super Mario Run on iOS, Nintendo has finally launched the highly-anticipated game on Android platform too.

That being said, my original Super Mario Run review can be found below. It isn't free game, and you only have access to few levels if you play for free. You can play the first three levels for no cost.

Super Mario Run on iOS shot to the top of the most downloaded apps list at launch - and has stayed pretty far up there too, now landing at spot 53. It launched on December 2016 for iOS and on March 2017 for Android.

As for now, we're definitely glad that the app has finally landed on the Google Play Store.

Super Mario just keeps on running.

If this doesn't work, try doing a hard reset of your device, or uninstalling and then reinstalling the Super Mario Run app. So if you're an iOS user, do update the game if you haven't set it to update automatically because it brings a boatload off changes.

Super Mario Run is an endless runner game in the vein of Temple Run with players simply tapping the display to make Mario jump over obstacles that get in his way.

Has-Been Heroes - Has-Been Heroes is a challenging and rewarding rogue-like game of strategy and action, featuring a band of old heroes on a quest to escort the King's twin princesses to a faraway academy.

The "Super Mario Run" on Android platform holds a version 2.0 update, which comes along with new buildings and new Yoshi colors, Game Spot reported. But to unlock the full game, you'll have to pay a one-time $10 fee. The game itself is a free download and users can enjoy the first three stages for free. You'll also get to unlock World1-4 for free, you complete one of Bowser's challenges while playing the free version.

For tough challenges and for players who aren't as skilled, an Easy Mode has been added to the game that can be selected when using World Tour mode.

And, with the graphics you'd expect of a Mario title, together with a host of recognisable characters, this certainly feels like a generous package.