Android co-creator Andy Rubin teases new bezel-less smartphone

The new smartphone is being developed by Essential Products Inc., a startup company created by Andy Rubin when he left Google.

With his much-anticipated new brand Essential, he's working on a bezel-less (edge-to-edge display) phone, and now we have a (sort of ) picture of this talked-about product. Andy tweeted out earlier yesterday where he posted an image of a smartphone with a bezel-less display. Rubin wrote that he is eager to see the smartphone in more people's hands.

Not so long ago we told you Andy Rubin's upcoming high-end smartphone loses the support of SoftBank which cited a conflict of interest.

This teaser image only shows only a corner of this new mystery smartphone.

More than a decade after Andy Rubin sold his Android mobile operating system to Google, he's back in the mobile phone game. Rubin didn't share any more details on the device or when we might get another look at it. It's possible the devices could offer certain artificial intelligence and connected technologies. Accompanying the tweet is an image of a almost bezel-less device.

The modular functionality will work through a proprietary magnetic connector that will also charge the smartphone's battery unit.

This notification area and clock actually looks same as of the other Android smartphones. However, what's more interesting is that the device seems to have a bezel less design and looks very similar to Xiaomi's Mi MIX concept released a year ago. It definitely resembles Xiaomi's Mi Mix. Now, via Twitter, he has teased what seems to be the first smartphone from Essential, and as he already suggested, it has nearly no bezel.