Apple releases iOS 10.3: find my AirPods among new features

You should update your device to iOS 10.3 for more than just the speed boost, too.

Siri - the intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator that uses the natural language user interface to answer questions and make recommendations - is receiving some enhancements as part of iOS 10.3 upgrade. Once the update has been applied, you'll be able to locate your AirPods via Find My iPhone. The tool further saves its last known location.

With the new iOS comes the Apple File System - a replacement for the existing HFS+ filing system - that was first debuted at WWDC 2016. The leap to a more modern base may result in iPhones having more room than before because of improved space efficiency.

Apple File System, iCloud, localization of AirPods ...

Apple engineer Renaud Lienhart tweeted Monday that the new iOS feels "snappier" because many animations had been slightly altered "for the better". Apart from that Siri now provide cricket scores and stats for Indian Premier League (IPL) and International Cricket Council (ICC).

The iOS 10.3 update also brings improvements to the CarPlay feature.

That's pretty huge. Consider how many customers buy the entry-level iPhone only to find that after a number of updates and months or years of use, their device suddenly holds much less than they had anticipated at purchase.

For this you'll need to press back to get to the General page in the Settings app, then press Software Update at the top of the page. It adds support for AirPods to Find My iPhone, and you'll find weather forecasts in the Maps app.

Missing earbuds: If you have AirPods, Apple's new Bluetooth earbuds, don't hesitate to update your phone. Siri can now be used to view and pay bills, schedule a ride, or check vehicle fuel or lock status. For instance, you get to know which apps rely on iCloud storage besides showing the settings for Find My iPhone, Keychain, and iCloud Backup.