Dem Senator Blasts Trump's 'Declaration of War' on Obama Climate Policies

"The clean energy train has indeed left the station", she said, arguing that climate change itself "will dictate the future" no matter what Trump does in the short run.

From retailers to oil and gas giants, businesses are coming under repeated pressure from the public to seriously address their stance on climate change. The fossil fuel industry has long maintained that the regulations have caused job losses and profit contractions throughout the energy industry. The White House claims that these moves will bring back jobs in coal mining and foster energy independence.

The regulation was never implemented, but it would have required Utah's coal- and gas-fired power plants to cut about one third of their emissions by the year 2030. "To the extent that this executive order heralds that the American people will avoid a regulation that costs billions of dollars and will achieve nothing, this is good news". ACC adds that a variety of factors-market forces and state and regional policies, for example-are are likely to drive continued reductions in US greenhouse gas emissions.

Trump's order does not reverse laws in 29 states that promote clean energy instead of coal. The Clean Power Plan is not yet in effect, and will have to go through a lengthy rule-making process that will likely include legal challenges. Kelly said that as the supply of natural gas has increased, its price has decreased and the demand for coal have fallen.

The order, if fully implemented, would make US compliance impossible with the global Paris Agreement to limit climate change.

The pledges comes despite support for Trump's order from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which called it "vital to stimulating economic growth".

And big cities, which represents two-thirds of United States emissions, along with countless private industries are committed to improving energy efficiency without any encouragement from Washington.

"The U.S. has thereby appeared to have excluded itself from the Paris agreement commitments, as it will be extremely hard to replace the effects of the annulled regulation with any other potential measures", the ministry said.

U.S. Senator Shelley Moore Capito says the executive order is a step in the right direction.

The Administration has a tough road ahead in carrying out the President's order.

Rewriting the Clean Power Plan and other carbon-limiting federal regulations is likely to take years to complete and is expected to face legal challenges from big Democratic-leaning states as NY and California.