This is probably going to make Galaxy S8 owners furious

So to all the Samsung lovers that uses the Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016) smartphone, stay tuned for the new security patch as it may soon hit your mobile. To address this issue, vendors have worked to develop solutions that make it easier to connect smartphones to a keyboard, mouse and a monitor. Some of Microsoft's most popular apps are already bundled into Samsung phones, such as Skype and OneDrive. But unfortunately, numerous more savvy users out there who plan to buy a Galaxy S8 are about to learn something they may find troubling, or even infuriating in some cases.

Galaxy S8's most eye-catching feature is its new display referred to as an "infinity display" that minimises bezels - right and left and even up and down - curves around the edge.

At the event, we were told that the much-hyped Samsung Bixby virtual assistant will only be in Korean at first, with English to follow, and our event chaperones wouldn't let us try unlocking at all.

The Samsung S8 and the Samsung S8 Plus are available in black, blue and silver. The Samsung Galaxy S8 also improves the hardware of the lineup.

"How will Bixby differentiate itself from Google Assistant?"

The dock can be used to mount the smartphone's display to a larger monitor via HDMI port, transforming your desktop experience completely.

With the Galaxy S8, Samsung has chose to move away from Apple's iPhone strategy and offer just one storage option in each market.

Bluetooth 5.0 was announced back in December 2016.

Jin Di, research manager of IDC China, said Samsung has introduced some innovative upgrades and new functions in the handset, such as AI technologies, aiming to capture a higher share in the high-end market. And for what it's worth, the S8 it appears to have taken a more conservative approach, based on milliamps alone. It is also the first time for the Galaxy S models to ditch the Samsung logo on the upper front panel. And if it doesn't?