O'Reilly accuser's lawyer: 'This is not blowing over'

Carlson's lawsuit was later withdrawn after Fox agreed to pay her $20 million.

Walsh said she came forward because she was told by a Times reporter that numerous women who have accused O'Reilly of harassment are bound by gag orders. Walsh has not sued O'Reilly, and her lawyer Lisa Bloom said she isn't interested in money.

According to the Times, executives at Fox are seriously weighing O'Reilly's value as a ratings champion against the damage he does to their brand and credibility every day that he stays on the air with the allegations against him. A video of them making the call Wednesday is posted on YouTube. The company confirmed that it will probe the matter. "And here is where we come in". He said that no one had ever filed a complaint about him with human resources "even on the anonymous hotline".

For his part, O'Reilly has claimed that he was targeted because of his high media profile and that he settled to "spare his children the pain of messy public ordeals".

While corporations have made a stand against the Fox News' host, it is unclear if O'Reilly will face the same repercussions as Ailes.

Walsh made regular appearances on Bill O'Reilly's show at one time.

To make matters stranger still, talking heads on Fox News, such as the always loyal Sean "Bad for America" Hannity, defended now President Trump in the wake of the tape's release, parroting Trump's own defense of the incident as nothing more than "locker room talk". "I think he's a person I know well - he is a good person". "But he started walking in a different direction and when he turned around to find me he said, 'Let's go to my suite'".

Watch above to see O'Reilly accuse Baldwin of asking "a leading question", then assert that he has never done that and neither has Fox colleague Hume. Shortly thereafter her appearances ended.

Advertisers who chose to abandon O'Reilly include Mercedes, H&R Block, Constant Contact, and Allstate Insurance. The radio silence has become so extreme that Stephen used his Fox News appearance to wish his older brother a belated happy birthday.

In 2011, Fox News terminated its contract with Glenn Beck after 200 companies pulled their advertisements. By the end of the day, a dozen advertisers had pulled their ads.

"And now for me, again "SNL" efforts are to try to drive up the young people, get them to receive the message, where they're coming from - it's already kind of an issue that's already passed, in my opinion".