The Resurrection of Jesus ... John 20:1-18

But I can't allow it to impose on my already busy schedule.

But Jesus has come; Jesus has died, and Jesus has been resurrected.

What if, however, the Church begins to believe what has been confessed for centuries - namely, that Jesus is the embodiment of God's salvation for the world? Because if God really is an all-powerful God, then couldn't God have just snapped God's fingers, making everything okay again? Imagine that moment means that even in the midst of cruel violence to one another, or even to Jesus, God continues to love.

Jesus teaches Christians to forgive others.

Because we were ransomed by the blood of Jesus Christ; that's how much he loves us.

Another reason the resurrection of Jesus Christ is important is that it proves His sinless character and divine nature. The repentance of the sinful woman who anointed the head of Jesus shortly before the passion, is contrasted to the fall of Judas, whose fall is completed because, after the sin of betrayal, he did not believe in the possibility of forgiveness.

Jesus destroyed the power of Satan over our lives and took the keys of Hell from him. The ceremony is a landmark in the Christian calendar, marking the triumphant return of Christ to Jerusalem the week before his death, when a cheering crowd greeted him waving palm leaves.

Jesus, the Pope said, brought a new hope into the world: like the seed he became tiny and fell to the earth. The apostle Paul put it plainly that "if Christ is not risen, your faith is in vain; you are yet in your sins!" Jesus himself says, in Luke 9:22 that he must die and be raised on the third day.

Thus, he said, the Cross of Christ is the source of that unfailing hope which gives meaning and direction to our lives.

It helps them get through difficulties of life more serenely. At Easter, we celebrate the gift of eternal life made possible through the death and resurrection of God's Son!

This Holy Week, it is good to remember that Jesus had to go through the darkest part of His human life before He came out victorious in the end. It is the main religious feast in Christianity followed by Christmas. He lived an innocent life because he was not like other men. I doubt it. Historians tell us that more people have died through war and genocide in the last century than in all other centuries combined. The grave could not hold Him.

Meanwhile, in India, dramas portraying the crucifixion of Jesus Christ would be exhibited in the Church. That's why we shout in victory: "Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting?"

In the 13th verse of I Corinthians, it reads, "For by one Spirit are we all baptized into one body, whether we be Jews or Gentiles, whether we be bond or free; and have been all made to drink into one Spirit". To believe in the incarnation and not to believe in the radical physical character of the resurrection is a contradiction.