Windows 10 Creators Update Brings The Promised Game Mode To PC

Despite being viewed as an improvement over Windows 8 and being given away for free, Windows 10 had a rocky start.

A new Windows update will allow users to set up their devices by voice command. This innovation has been made possible through Cortana, an intelligent personal assistant created by Microsoft, which allows users to set up Windows 10 using just their voice.

What's in the Creators Update? Beam is the easiest and most interactive way to stream your gameplay on Windows 10. This last week, phones such as the Lumia 930 and 1520 were taken off the list of supported devices for any future Windows 10 Mobile feature updates, a rather big blow.

The Windows 10 Creators Update will start rolling out to users around the world today, and given the improvements, additions and upgrades that it brings, it looks like an important download for all users. As we want to make sure Windows 10 players can experience any Ranked Playlist, the toggle will not be available on Windows 10.

Major Nelson notes that the Creators update is the "first milestone" in Microsoft's commitment to continually updating and improving the gaming experience on Windows 10.

However, those looking to experiment with voice commands on the Pi will need to use one of the limited range of speakers and microphones supported by the Creators Update. For the most part, the release is focused on updates to OneCore, the appropriately named systems at the core of Windows 10.

If you don't intend to use this feature, you can also mute the instructions being given by Cortana and instead opt for the age-old manual method of installation. Meaning while you've had a quiet seven days, at the end, there is a barrage waiting. The user says the app worked on the Creators Update previously via an update from the Anniversary Update. This will give IT admins the ability and tools to isolate infected machines, investigate and collect forensics, and even kill and clean running processes, all with a single click of a button in the Windows Security Center.

Tell us what your stand-out new Windows 10 Creators Update feature is. However, if you click that link from a Windows device you will be redirected to the Media Creation Tool page.