NY 2017: Dodge Challenger SRT Demon unleashed with 840 hp!

Features such as a transbrake offer owners repeatable quarter-mile passes all night at the strip.

If you're still not impressed by the many firsts, here's some more. Dodge haven't been subtle about its talents over an exhausting teaser campaign, but now we can see the auto in full, it boasts some pretty impressive figures, including some never attached to a road vehicle before. Where we were recently quite amazed by the performance of the Tesla Model S P100D on the quarter mile, the muscular Dodge smashes the world record for production cars with an impressive time of 9.65 seconds and 140 miles per hour.

There's more. But it gets fairly technical, like the fact that the Demon is the first factory production with a transmission brake, something that makes for faster drag strip take-offs.

Dodge has ended its drawn-out teaser campaign for the Challenger SRT Demon by revealing full details and images of the street-legal drag racer - and the numbers are even more incredible than expected.

No top speed is given, but the Challenger Demon's instruments run to 200mph. It comes from the factory on 315/40 Nitto drag radials wrapped around 18×11-inch wheels, but despite providing 40 percent more grip at launch than the Hellcat's tires, they're street-legal, as well.

The vehicle comes from the factory with ultra-sticky Nitto drag radial tyres on all four corners, identically sized so owners can replace the front pair with a pair of skinny "front runners", and then have an extra set of boots to cycle through at the drag strip. It is so powerful, it has already been banned from drag strips in America. The front suspension is loosened to help shift weight to the rear quicker. The Bilstein Adaptive Damping shocks have been tuned for drag racing, shifting as much weight as possible on the rear tyres at launch for maximum traction. 707hp isn't that special anymore, especially when you can get it in a Jeep Grand Cherokee, so the Demon's 6.2-litre supercharged Hemi has had 25 components uprated allowing for 840hp and 770lb ft. And to prevent mechanical meltdown, the Demon also uses a liquid-to-air intercooler to stop the engine and supercharger overheating. "Activate your line lock". Doesn't mean you can't still run it, though.

The 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon will go on sale this coming fall.

If you want to compete, you'll need to invest some serious coin into the auto on top unannounced price (which was said to be "well below six figures").

Production of the single-model-year, limited edition Dodge Challenger SRT Demon will be about 3,000 cars in the USA and 300 for Canada, the Free Press reported.