Olivia Pope Wore Her Hair Natural for "Scandal" 100

Olivia votes against election-rigging. It was Olivia who flipped to a soft yes to rig the election way back when, but guys... let's take a moment tonight and look at what happens if Olivia never took the White Hat™ off.

Soon after Fitz loses the election, Olivia eschews her silky bangs and straight hair in favor of a voluminous crop of natural curls and coils.

Olivia needs to get more public support for the bill to pass. Abby shows up.

After Jake suggests their lives would be much worse, Olivia thinks back over the past seven years to that night they held the Defiance meeting. If Fitz can run off with a campaign official, so can she. Over time, Olivia's ambition conflicts with Fitz's drinking and their relationship falls apart. Or that she went absolutely insane for a period and opposed Huck for a while. She also went on a date with Leo Bergen. At first, Olivia isn't entertained, but then she runs into his arms to be with him. Eli manages to make it to the ceremony, but slips out before anyone sees him. In Scandal's alternate reality, Fitz divorced Mellie and marries Olivia, and it's not the fairytale they expected.

In the end, after all they go through, will Fitz and Olivia find themselves back with each other? Now we shall see how they're going to clear Cyrus's name once and for all and get him in the White House over Mellie. It's hard to call any of them unbiased in their viewpoints. He says at least he would have been president and walks out. On her wedding day (eep!), her hair is pulled back into a bun, dotted with pearls à la Janelle Monàe.

So make sure to bookmark this spot and come back between 9 PM - 10 PM ET for our Scandal recap. Liv heads home to get ready. Later, Cyrus gives Mellie a pep talk, and she kisses him. This timeline showed a Cyrus who never came out as a gay man and instead used Mellie for political advantage. Does she know anyone in the White House. He can't believe Mellie is running for president. She is upset. She and Cyrus have a drink.

Mellie is mad that Cyrus leaked the photos to the press. Cyrus tells her that their relationship is freeing.

Olivia packs up to leave and apologizes to Fitz for letting him down, but Fitz doesn't see it that way. "When the show got picked up (to pilot), I got a phone call from somebody who said, "This would be the flawless show for Connie Britton", Rhimes said. The actress added her own flair to the style by adding a pair of jeans underneath!

Fitz continues his downward spiral after his fight with Olivia. Instead, she remained Lindsay Dwyer, who became a contestant on a Bachelor-esque show. Olivia files for divorce, and Drunk Depressed Fitz nearly sleeps with a Bachelor-esque reality star, Lindsay Dwyer, aka Quinn (more on that below) in his green room. Fitz argues that Mellie can't take the presidency in a dishonest way. Olivia goes office shopping and finds the flawless space.

It's safe to say that Huck probably would have been in that same "dark" state of mind if OPA had never begun, giving Huck a objective in his life. She tells him about Fitz and Liv.