Peter Capaldi Celebrates His 59th Birthday!

After three seasons of zooming through space and time, Peter Capaldi is preparing to hang up his sonic screwdriver and depart "Doctor Who".

2 There's a new companion in the shape of Bill Potts, played by newcomer Pearl Mackie.

Season 10 of "Doctor Who" brings with it a new companion.

It definitely shouldn't, though. And now, it's time for a regeneration of the show itself.

As ever there is some turbulence, but for the most part it's a smooth and very enjoyable ride.

"She has a different bunch of questions - what are the questions that a real person flung into the Doctor's life would ask?" he said.

"You've got to sort of be a grown-up actor to get through it, to get through the factory", he said. I still feel like the new Doctor. Otherwise, you'll be crying through so many episodes that you could miss out on some of the fun! He's working as a science and poetics lecturer - the wackiest you can imagine, arms flailing everywhere - and she serves chips in the uni canteen, but each is somehow drawn to each other... "And I really didn't want to do that because I thought Bill was supposed to be completely fresh and completely new to this". So I thoroughly support the written word and I would love to get behind that cause if possible.

I'd like to have done an episode where the Doctor meets a struggling actor who looks exactly like him, who's in a tacky television series - a tacky sci-fi series in Britain in the 70s that's about to be cancelled!

She said Capaldi told her: "Here's my number". Imagine riding in the proverbial passenger's seat of the TARDIS as the Doctor sets a course through space and time for another risky and exciting adventure. "When I first auditioned I was then told, but initially my agent was like, 'I recommended something for you called "Mean Town,"' which is an anagram of 'Woman Ten, ' who is me as the 10th companion".

The Doctor explains time travel and aliens to Bill. If you make a fuss about the fact Bill's gay, you are telling children who already know they're gay that there's something's special or different about them and that frightens children. Peter Capaldi is set to return as the Doctor.

I HAVE several bones to pick with my mother, and one of them concerns music.

Former fan favourite characters River Song (Alex Kingston) and Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) were both omnisexual, while the show more recently featured married lesbian interspecies crime-fighters Madam Vastra and Jenny (Neve McIntosh and Catrin Stewart) in recurring roles.

They are joined by Matt Lucas, who returns as Nardone.

It is no longer shocking to have a "straightforwardly" gay character on TV, and we should be glad that this is the case.