Mark Cuban: NBA rejected idea of having Tony Romo play in game

Carlisle said Liggins would play in the finale. I've been at - I can't think of the number - of Mavs games supporting them.

The Mavericks' matchup against the Denver Nuggets was fan appreciation night, but that wasn't the reason for the big turnout. They were wearing Dallas Cowboy jerseys.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban wanted him to play. Before the game, he had the chance to speak to the media and one of the questions was about football. He says if he did, he'd probably regret it the next morning considering his age and the athleticism of actual National Basketball Association players. Now we'll see if his desire to compete for a championship overrules his decision to step away from the game.

All the Mavericks were trying to do was honor Romo and give fans a final way to cheer on their quarterback. In the layup line, he dribbled behind the back and hit his first layup, then waved to the crowd. He dribbled forward, made a smooth behind-the-back move, and laid the ball in the hoop.

Augmon not only liked Romo being cited for his on and off the field contributions during his time with the Cowboys, but also Cuban's business savvy to generate a buzz for his National Basketball Association team, which is having bad season. He entered the arena in full uniform with the team and went through warmups.

"Obviously we knew we couldn't check him in", Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki said after the game. Was it even possible? At that point, there was nothing Cuban could do, considering how much work it would have been to make it happen. Silver then told Cuban that the National Basketball Association would not honor the contract. "It's a little embarrassing, but I tell you what I'm very lucky". Romo played basketball in high school, where he was teammates with former NBA player Caron Butler.

"Believe it or not, when we were in the prime of our careers, I used to always talk about it: [Romo] could have easily been a professional basketball player", Butler told Nowitzki took him on in a shooting contest before the game and was surprised by his skill. I'm really happy for him.

And, in return, there was little doubt that the former quarterback appreciated what was happening for him.

The crowd was certainly more engaged than most, arriving early and performing with some measure of enthusiasm a Romo chant led by the club's venerable mascot, Chris Arnold. Was it a P.R. gimmick? No one can hope to summarize what Romo has done for the metroplex better than our man Jordan Ross over at Cowboys HQ did here, so I won't try.

"This is an honor I could never dream of", Romo said.

"I've been a Cowboys fans forever, since birth, " Beasley said with a smile.