Samsung putting Note 7 behind it as S8 pre-orders surpass S7's

Sometime later this spring, Samsung will also roll out the Voice feature on Galaxy S8 smartphones. Currently, Bixby is only able to support American English and Korean languages. Samsung did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The Samsung Galaxy X is aiming to follow the successful launch of the Galaxy S8 launch when it was unveiled in Q3 of 2017, as some rumors have said.

Last year, Samsung added a protective polycarbonate layer over the display for the Galaxy S7 Active.

Apple is not an invention company but more a recipe company. The battery of certain Samsung devices has been known to severely malfunction up to the point of literally exploding, which is a huge inconvenience if you consider how much these devices generally cost.

It is not known whether the Bixby update will be rolled out through a native Samsung update or an Android Nougat update.

Samsung will also enable the new Home panel and the ability to set reminders via Bixby. According to Samsung, Bixby is better than Google's Siri and Microsoft's Cortana. "Bixby Voice will be available in the USA on the Galaxy S8 later this spring".

Although there were doubts about Samsung releasing the Galaxy S8 Active this time around, a report from SamMobile claimed that the device indeed exists. A facial recognition security lock, the edge-to-edge screen which makes the whole of the front side of the phone, the high-end processor, and better memory space, Bixby...

This is a crucial launch for Samsung. Its iris scanner is more efficient than that of the iPhone 7 Plus'. This awkward placement has so far been criticized by the mobile industry in general, with many stating that the sensor's placement is the powerful devices' one big design flaw.

Active variants of Samsung Galaxy S flagships usually have larger batteries, and codenaming it Cruiser, the company is hoping that the battery life would be longer.

Samsung just the other day on its official India Twitter handle confirms the coming of the flagship smartphones in India. Meeting its expectations, the Galaxy S8 has already drawn 728,000 preorders over the last six days since its launch, and the number is expected to exceed 1 million by next Monday.