Trump Bashes 'Super Liberal' Leading Georgia House Race On Eve Of Election

For the special election, there 18 candidates running on one ballot: 11 Republicans, five Democrats and two independents. It must also be remembered here that the current incumbent, Republican Tom Price won his seat by a wide margin last time around. "And this is my way to channel that energy".

President Donald Trump on Monday attacked his political enemies seeking an upset in Georgia's special congressional election, blasting the leading Democratic candidate as a "super liberal" who "wants to protect criminals, allow illegal immigration and raise taxes!"

And if Democrats flip it Tuesday, that could have ripple effects into the 2018 midterms. Both townships have gone to polls and come out with 100% Democratic boards showing that Republicans are not really enjoying much favor here now.

About 95 percent of Ossoff's fundraising has come from out-of-state, and as WABE's Johnny Kauffman reported, numerous volunteers coming to help in the campaign's final push are from out-of-state. And his chances of prevailing in a June 20 runoff are long as well.

In the 2nd district, which covers much of central Arkansas, Republican U.S. Rep.

Ossoff, a former congressional aide and investigative filmmaker, has played to that environment, focusing one recent ad on claims that Trump is acting "impulsively" and "could start an unnecessary war".

"Republicans fear this becoming the national news".

CAROLYN HALL FISHER: They're after us. So they've poured $8.5 million into the race in the hopes not simply of blackening Donald Trump's eye, but perhaps snatching the seat as well - all candidate Jon Ossoff needs to do is grab 50 percent of the vote-plus-one and he wins the seat outright. If he winds up in a runoff with Ossoff, the already-high typecasting of this election as a referendum on Trump will, if possible, ascend even more.

"If it weren't a fractious primary, it wouldn't be a Republican primary", said Rusty Paul, the mayor of Sandy Springs and a longtime GOP strategist. Thousands of his volunteers - and scores of paid staffers - blanket the district.

The Club for Growth has endorsed Johns Creek businessman Bob Gray, whose own ads have largely contained praise for President Trump and painted Gray as an outsider ready to shake things up.

The president then blasted news organizations for their coverage of Georgia's 6th congressional district, the seat formerly held by Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price.

Ossoff is the clear Democratic favorite facing a crowded field of Republicans.

But so far, what party strategists see gives them hope. She ran for both Senate and governor. Judson Hill, and former state Sen.

The Democratic Party has also been encouraged by last week's special House election in Kansas, where a little-known Democratic candidate lost by just 7 points in a deeply conservative district.

But among the group gathered in Sandy Springs on Saturday morning, it's a mix of young and old volunteers, majority from this very district who, like Bruce Johnson, can't believe that this traditionally red area is even on the map with the potential to flip. "If the money's coming from outside the district, it's dirty".