Theresa May calls snap general election ahead of Brexit negotiations

A BBC spokesman said it was too early to say whether the broadcaster would put in a bid to stage a debate. A general election will not enhance the Prime Minister's mandate for leaving the European Union - last year's referendum did that - and the Prime Minister can not hope to secure the support of 52% of voters in a general election.

MPs must approve decision to dissolve Parliament part-way through full term. He welcomes the elections and urged his supporters to vote for Labour to fix the failing economy.

She told the Queen on Easter Monday before getting the full approval of Cabinet on Tuesday morning.

"The pound's response may simply have reflected the elimination of one additional source of Brexit-related uncertainty", said analysts at Capital Economics, who added that the currency is likely to rally further this year. The logic behind the FtPA 2011 was to establish a regular, five-yearly, general election cycle and provide a degree of predictability and stability to British politics.

"There should be unity here in Westminster, but instead there is division".

It was "all the more important", she said, "that Scotland is protected from a Tory (Conservative) Party which now sees the chance of grabbing control of government for many years to come and moving the United Kingdom further to the right - forcing through a hard Brexit and imposing deeper cuts in the process".

"This General Election is not just about the terms of our leaving the European Union", he said. Hastily produced manifesto pledges also run the risk of political lurching toward an increased regulatory burden.

She is counting on winning the support of British voters, who backed Brexit by 52-48%.

Although the margins are sure to tighten, the Conservatives hold a double-digit lead over Labor, which, if it holds up, would translate into a working majority in Parliament of over 100 seats, compared with only 17 seats now.

With Theresa May's Conservative Party polling consistently around 20 percent ahead of Jeremy Corbyn's opposition Labour Party, the logic behind this quick snap election becomes blindingly obvious to any observer.

Ever since she took office some Tory MPs have been pushing her to call an election with the knowledge that polls indicate voters do not see Mr Corbyn as a viable alternative.

The dramatic announcement caps almost a year of tumult in British politics following the Brexit vote in June 2016 that included the resignation of May's predecessor David Cameron and her rapid rise to power last year.

The PM's statement in Downing Street referred to the positive economic backdrop, citing strong growth and robust consumer confidence.

"Sterling. recovered all the losses while she was making her speech", he said.

He added: "Markets have accepted Brexit so a snap election should just help Theresa May s chances of getting a better deal for the UK" after it leaves the European Union bloc.

The pound also climbed over 1 percent to a four-month high of 83.79 pence per euro. Let's hope she uses the campaign to offer a vision for a competitive Britain that meets the post-Brexit challenge.

Narendra Modi's government will follow the election closely because May is keen to sign a free trade agreement with India.