5 takeaways from new book about Hillary Clinton's failed campaign

Donald Trump is going to be our president. Instead we get a slow-building case against the concept and execution of the Clinton campaign, with plenty of fault falling squarely on the candidate herself.

Meanwhile, the witch, who talks to the dead and lies to the living, still hovers over the White House, Mr. Earl, where she will use anybody-even you-to have Trump removed from office with the devil's lie that he is "unfit".

The script included Clinton's famous slogan, "I'm With Her". That report is part of the gripping new book. Standing in a NY hotel wearing the same outfit she'd picked out for her victory speech, Clinton delivered an emotional address that both apologized to her supporters and reassured them she'd keep working to promote their interests. "There's this rise in populism".

"As The Times put it, Shattered provides an insider look at the "shockingly inept campaign hobbled by hubris and unforced errors, and haunted by a sense of self-pity and doom, summed up in one Clinton aide's mantra throughout the campaign: "'We're not allowed to have nice things'". For instance, her loss in the MI primary in March highlighted the problems that would pursue her in the general election - populism was on the rise in the Rust Belt, and she was not connecting with working-class white voters - and yet it resulted in few palpable adjustments.

She later had an emotional phone call with Obama where she told him she knew she had "let her country down" and that his legacy lay "shattered at Donald Trump's feet".

Ultimately, the ad was not used in a TV campaign because voters in focus groups felt that Sanders did not actually support Hillary and that the ad was not authentic. "Her team decided that it was going to be more expensive and more hard to persuade people who didn't agree with her, and spent more and more time focused on the people they thought they could turn out", Allen said. Before leaving the stage, Obama leaned over to whisper a message in Clinton's ear.

Donald Trump giving his acceptance speech after defeating Hillary Clinton.

Among the campaign's difficulties was dissention between top aides and the dismissal of former President Bill Clinton's advice, she said.

"If the interview was meant to show Hillary at ease with the press and confident that her email scandal wouldn't hurt her, it failed", Allen and Parnes wrote.

Only after that did Hillary finally call Trump to congratulate, and followed that up by calling back Obama and saying "Mr. President, I'm sorry". As of late Wednesday morning, he had not yet responded.

But as revealing as those moments are, they inexplicably come in the book's final pages and largely stand apart from the rest, which is mostly a dutiful recitation of every to and fro of the so-very-long, joyless, ugh-filled Clinton campaign.