Game 2 Preview: Los Angeles Clippers vs. Utah Jazz

Tuesday night was an entirely different story, as you can see from the highlights below. And while the the Jazz have done their best to leverage their perimeter weight, the Clippers repeatedly struck the sweet spot.

Thanks to a CP3 interview after Game 2, this series now has that - well, depending on your interpretation of juicy controversy, among other words. Less than impressive help defensive rotations by Boris Diaw and Derrick Favors were also appreciated by the Clippers. Lou Williams scored the first four points in that span, and Beverley found Clint Capela on an alley-oop dunk. He integrated his bench into the game much earlier, including giving Blake Griffin an extended rest in the first quarter. The Jazz only grabbed three offensive rebounds. Gobert will be evaluated game-by-game moving forward. "I've just got to continue to do my job and play the game of basketball no matter who's out there". These are consecutive buckets for the Clippers. Although, in fairness to the refs, the Clippers' path to the basket was so unfettered that the Jazz were hardly ever in position to actually give a foul. Los Angeles was hot coming into the playoffs.

"All we did is defend our home court, and that's what we're supposed to do", he said. As expected, the Rockets won that game to keep their season alive at home, with everyone assuming the Clippers would take care of business on their own home floor in Game 6.

As a side note, make sure to get your Los Angeles Clippers tickets to that return game in LA. "That's the only way we're going to win this series, they're big they're long, they're strong, they're great defensively".

Griffin has a player option and will likely be a free agent after this season, and you have to believe it's now or never for this core. Think about that for a minute - what happens to this team if the Clippers lose this series?

"Tell me what you took it as, if you're that reaching", Paul fired back at the reporter. After a Utah timeout, the Clippers defense locked in to force a shot clock violation.

Another in form Boomer, Patty Mills, will get a huge pay rise with his three-year $US13 million ($A17 million) contract with the San Antonio Spurs expiring. He was dunking over humans, cars, and probably buildings. They have to make him the scoring, borderline All-NBA player he was all season. Other times, the Jazz didn't even get him the ball at all. Even with the disclaimer of a five-year spread between playoff appearances, his 18-of-66 career shooting through six games is disturbing. Los Angeles seemed to be the hottest team entering the playoffs, but they have a Washington Capitals-type stigma about them that tends to lead to playoff letdowns. The two reserves combined to shoot 16-for-24 (66.7%) from the field in Game 1. That year also brought the Donald Sterling racial comments firestorm, though, and the Clippers beat the Golden State Warriors in seven games, but lost in the second round to the Oklahoma City Thunder in six games.