Bernie Sanders just thanked Trump for a comment about health care

And one side benefit of the health-care battle, a senior administration official said, is that Trump got to know a couple hundred lawmakers with whom he previously had no personal relationship.

Mr Trump spoke at a gala dinner aboard the USS Intrepid in NY to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the battle.

An official working with the Australian government said the President's decision to make Turnbull wait was "an incredible snub".

Donald Trump's approach to most issues is routinely incoherent, but Australia offers a special case. It means that Trump can't describe the bill with clarity or accuracy, and that as a result it's impossible to believe what he does say.

And support for a nationalized health care plan wasn't just something Trump talked about during his latest campaign for president.

The White House later agreed to honour the agreement, provided the refugees were subject to "extreme vetting".

Turnbull said that "we can put the refugee deal behind you and move on".

"It's all worked out".

"We had a nice phone call, right?" The media was saying 'what do you think about the phone call? That was a big exaggeration.

Mr Turnbull replied: "Young at heart". It's a very good bill right now. Seconds later, Trump added that the call did, in fact, "get a little bit testy".

And I think that the Turnbull Government will definitely be trying to press, or Mr Turnbull himself be trying to press, Trump on raising the importance of South-East Asia to Australia and I think to a wider Asian strategy.

Along with the infamous phone call, the pair discussed everything from the nation's decades-long relationship with Australia, the Battle of the Coral Sea and Trump's new controversial healthcare bill. The delay in Trump's schedule allowed him to circumvent some of the noisiest protests of his trip in Manhattan. "I'll be there. We'll be there - absolutely we'll be there".

Ahead of his meeting with Turnbull, Trump downplayed the contentious call he had with Turnbull in January, dismissing the reports of tension as "fake news". But it's also an indication that if they can convince him it's a win for him, maybe Democrats could find a way to lead Trump to the promised land.

It's not the most far-fetched thing in the world - the idea that health-care reform would fail and Trump would pursue the thing that he's praised for years.

Australia's 'Medicare' system is a "universal access" public insurance program that grants citizens free access to doctors, optometrists, and public hospitals free of charge. "Again, he was complimenting the prime minister and we're focused on a healthcare plan that works here".

Among the protesters were members of the New York State Nurses Association, who chanted, "What do we want?"