Netflix to add content warning to '13 Reasons Why'

The scene detailing Hannah's suicide is graphic and explicit.

Bosco said that support includes a high school psychologist, adjustment counselors, and school nurses.

The letter also talks about the heavy drinking, drug use, and bullying that are common themes on the show. Half of parents nationwide say they worry their child is struggling with anxiety, depression, or relationships among peers. Showing suicide "live and in stereo" helps no one, and undermines the message of prevention.

"I don't think it romanticized suicide", Hill said.

"It's very graphic", said West.

"If kids are going to watch, then parents should watch with them", he suggested.

With suicide being the leading cause of death among young people aged 10-34 in the United Kingdom, and with suicide rates increasing, we need to ensure people keep talking about mental health, especially in the media.

Obviously, since Hannah committed suicide, she will nearly definitely only be appearing in flashbacks that take place in Season 2. I thought that the individuals would be heartbroken, defeated, and remorseful, but they weren't - at least not everyone on the tape was.

At its best, "13 Reasons Why" opens adult eyes to the problems modern young people face, and provides a forum for discussions between adults and youth to find solutions that make kids' lives safer, less stressful and more secure. Officials say it could be risky for some students to watch, because it may glamorize teen suicide, which is already a big problem. "The kids were ready to talk about it".

Just having a conversation was key to the program's success.

"I looked into it a little bit and got the opinion of the core and watched some episodes", said youth pastor, Andrew Cipolla.

Their concerns lie with how the series might actually "glamorize" suicide, leading to possible distress in young people.

Jones said the show was hard to watch because many scenes reminded her of what her son faced.

"I've been suicidal, and I don't want that for another person", said Alexis Knight. Hannah is on their mind every single day due to her powerful and vivid stories on each tape.

"Take Justin for example", Hill said, talking about one of the characters in the show, that is on Hannah Baker's first tape. It was a popular young-adult novel at the time, and I was an avid consumer of stories about school. "You are not alone".

"It really did a good job of showing how impactful words and actions can be to other human beings", she said. There is also a guide to suicide prevention that educators can access.

"Normally, we have a couple a week", Beall said.

Johnson co-founded Alex's Army after her son took his own life two years ago.

Romanowicz tells us she was surprised to learn about the Netflix series from her 14-year-old daughter, a freshman at City Honors.

Meanwhile, stars of the show have spoken out, and 13 Reasons Why writer Nic Sheff recently defended the depiction of suicide in an op-ed published by Vanity Fair.

For those reasons, we join other experts in suicide prevention to advise that families watch the series together.

Faber said he has heard a lot of people talking about the show and the controversy surrounding it, such as the sensationalism around suicide.

"A show like this is not entertaining". It does more than generate conversation about a previously taboo topic. According to Hannah, each of the 13 people contributed to her decision to commit suicide.