Health care heads to US Senate, bitter fight expected

He indicated in March that a previous version of the House health care bill could move straight to the floor, but it's unclear how he will handle the latest version, which passed in the House 217-213 on Thursday. Even if very few House or Senate Republicans are excited by their bill and are fully aware of the electoral risk some of them are taking, politicians like to do what they promised, and they - as a group - promised to repeal and replace Obamacare. Under the Republican plan, it could skyrocket their costs, or make them ineligible for certain coverage.

"This bill isn't flawless, but it is a large step toward repairing the damage that has been done by the Affordable Care Act", said Buck.

But what about the more than 20 million Americans who became insured under Obamacare?

"Many of the issues from the original legislation persist; the bill would still cap Medicaid (free health care for the poor), disproportionately affecting rural Americans who enroll in Medicaid at higher rates, and whose hospitals rely more on the program than their urban counterparts", Johnson said.

"Judging by the number of Republican colleagues rolling their eyes and their holding noses, I agree this bill is dead even before arrival in the Senate, " Blumenthal, D-Conn., said in an interview Friday.

The new President immediately set out to deliver on his campaign promise. It gave incentives for people to game the system by buying coverage after they got sick.

The list was put together by the Kaiser Family Foundation, which also estimates the $100 billion will not be enough to cover the higher premiums, but bill supporters say it will reduce premiums for most Americans.

But now, the GOP wasn't able to convince a single Democrat to vote for their health care bill. Tell them you expect them to oppose ACA repeal.

Sanders said there is now no deadline for the Senate to vote on its version bill.

Mr Trump declared victory, but it could be short-lived.

Roe said, "Nothing in this bill would change the existing regulation, and veterans' access to tax credits will not be affected by the American Health Care Act".

If enacted, the bill, which was narrowly passed by the House on Thursday and could face significant changes in the Senate, would significantly overhaul Medicaid.

The debate over universal healthcare in the United States continues. But Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan have tilted health care reform away from consumers while pretending that they have improved health care in this country. Flanked by Republican members of the House, the President said he was "confident" the Senate would also vote to repeal Obamacare.

The House bill bars insurers from refusing policies to extremely ill people.

A half-dozen or more Republican senators have spoken against the measure's cuts to Medicaid.

"The one thing that you can be sure of is to never underestimate this president", she said.

Collins could be a hard vote to win for Republican leaders, who can only lose two votes to pass the bill.

"I feel like there will be some changes, that is part of the process", White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said.

Moran said he's afraid Democrats won't budge on keeping Obamacare the same, but acknowledges the need for both parties to be involved. "I am so confident".