White House expects Senate to change healthcare bill, but retain principles

Thursday's House vote by the Republican majority to repeal Obamacare sent a lot of Americans reeling with anxiety over potentially losing their health insurance or facing premium spikes of more than 750 percent.

Already, the left-leaning website Daily Kos helped raise almost $900,000 to boost challengers running against 24 House Republicans in competitive districts who voted to pass the AHCA. Hatch said Thursday that the Senate must "manage expectations and remain focused on the art of the doable", while Alexander said the Senate "will take the time to get it right".

The first attempt was scrubbed before a vote.

Republicans have argued that their Bill would give people more choice and reduce the role of government.

"I've already made clear that I don't support the House Bill as now constructed because I continue to have concerns that this Bill does not do enough to protect Ohio's Medicaid expansion population", said Republican Senator Rob Portman. Lamar Alexander, R-Tennessee, said in a statement. Millions of people who in 2017 benefitted from the expansion have cycled off the program, even though they'll need coverage again if they lose a job or an employer cuts their hours. If some version of the AHCA passes the Senate, here is a list of who the biggest losers would be with this new plan in an Obamacare-less United States. More than 2.2 million Americans have some type of pre-existing condition, and $23 billion would provide coverage for only 110,000 of them.

As if this were not enough, Republicans have reportedly included an amendment to the bill that allows states to deny coverage for pre-existing conditions that include victims of sexual assault.

During Thursday's vote, 20 Republicans sided with the Democrats in the House, all of whom voted against the bill. This is why the bill is DOA in the Senate. "We have worked hard to improve the legislation, but we have a long way to go".

"Being a woman is a pre-existing condition when you look at the outcomes of this legislation", Planned Parenthood of Maryland President and CEO Karen Nelson said. The bill has provoked widespread condemnation as hospital associations, consumers and insurers have said the new proposals would make health care less affordable.

Rep. Jim Langevin pointed to the costs that would be transferred to the states for health care. It was a perilous journey, and its Senate pathway will be at least as bumpy with little doubt the measure will change, assuming it survives. That's business as usual in Washington.

Many have taken to Twitter to share how the health bill could impact them. "We may have lost today, but our fight will continue". President Donald Trump congratulated Republican House members in the Rose Garden in the whitest photo-op since Vice President Mike Pence's famous selfie.

Some, however, had reservations about the AHCA for different and in some case critical reasons, and some of the naysayers are Irish American legislators. Or else just shut the CBO down and use the savings to help some sick, poor people.

It halts further Obamacare Medicaid expansions, overhauls the way Medicaid is funded and allows states to impose a work requirement on certain Medicaid recipients.

"You vote for this bill, you have walked the plank, from moderate to radical", she said.

"We need healthcare reform, including promised Medicaid reform in NY where we spend more than Texas, Florida and Pennsylvania combined".