After the B.C. election here's what Canadians are asking Google

This undoubtedly helped B.C. Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver who, if the current seat count holds up, will be able to make huge demands of Premier Clark if she expects his assistance in the passage of future legislation.

With more than 176,000 absentee ballots still to be counted by Elections BC, final totals are due by May 24.

On election night she said she is confident the party's standing may improve, with a narrow decision in Courtenay-Comox that could give the B.C. Liberals a bare majority if absentee ballots favour her candidate. Forty-four seats was needed for a majority.

"It's easier to imagine a deal between the Greens and the NDP - not personality wise, but on substance".

"British Columbians did tell us tonight that they want us to do some things differently", she acknowledged, pledging to work with the other parties and congratulating John Horgan and Andrew Weaver on a hard-fought campaign.

"But to do that, he has to back the loser", said Johnston. It might be a good time for a second call, to Weaver, to discuss those similarities and how they might work together for the benefit of British Columbians and Canada as a whole. But a handful of other ridings are also tight: Maple Ridge-Mission, where the NDP's Bob D'Eith won by 120 votes; Coquitlam-Burke Mountain, where Liberal Joan Isaacs won by 170 votes; and Richmond-Queensborough, where Liberal Jas Johal won by 263 votes. Or he could simply allow the Liberals to govern as a minority government, in which case the Green vote will become crucial to passing key policies.

The Greens, with three seats, can now decide who forms the next government.

The Student Vote program for the 2017 British Columbia provincial election was coordinated in partnership with Elections BC. What happened in this election is the Greens doubled their votes, tripled their representation.

"On a political junkie's level, it's very exciting and it was an exciting evening", he said.

But it's likely British Columbia is heading into unfamiliar territory, with a high probability of the first minority government since 1952 when W.A.C. Bennett enlisted the support of the lone Labour MLA to take charge. Also that year, preliminary results put Liberal Wally Oppal ahead by three votes in Delta South before the final count revealed Independent Vicki Huntington had won.

One more note: The British Columbia Legislature nearly elected its first transgender lawmaker.

He said his party's ban on corporate and union donations meant private contributions to his party "went through the roof" during the campaign and that the Greens did not go into debt.

The Green Party and NDP share similar ideas in some areas - such as opposition to Kinder Morgan's pipeline, raising carbon taxes, and taxing housing speculators.

WATCH: Alberta Premier Rachel Notley chose her words carefully reacting to the uncertain vote results in B.C. Tuesday.

The ever-upbeat Clark tried to spin the May 9 election results in a positive light, despite the fact her party ended up the biggest loser, with a number of Liberal cabinet ministers losing their seats to the NDP.

"That kind of delay when oil prices are low and the project is financially questionable may be enough to kill the project, but it does have federal approval", said Harrison.

"What a historic day for British Columbia", said Weaver, who addressed the crowd of the Delta Ocean Pointe Hotel in Victoria shortly before 1 a.m. on Wednesday morning.