Mother's Day special: Handwritten letter is the best gift say viewers

To accommodate a busy mom's desire to both pamper herself and hang out with the family, consider breaking up the day into two activities or give her a gift that helps her take time to herself - even if it is a kid-less trip to Target. Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) made it extra special when he said, "Paradise lies at the feet of the mothers".

And mothers' roles and responsibilities change somewhat as children become adults and parents themselves.

Why not buy your mother a box of candies? "These mothers are on a diet". So that became her response to me every time in her past year "I loved you first". Mistakes and do-overs are a part of the human experience, and while you may not always get it right, you are the right mother for your child. It's the day when we pamper them and acknowledge their presence and contribution. To all the children of mothers, which is everyone, try to make Mother's Day 2017 the best you can for the woman who made it possible for you to be alive in the world. I have felt the sadness and judgment of this expectation. No my friends Mother's Day is about memories.

There are some relations that go through the test of time and emerge as ever victorious. According to esquire magazine, this year's hottest Mother's Day gifts are bath bombs. I asked on Facebook how people recognize the day.

WHNT News 19 wishes a Happy Mother's Day to all moms, and those who serve as mothers to children.

"I always get her homemade cards", said Savage's son, Jeb.

There's no ideal relationship.

'Khana Khaya?', mothers can not simply resist this question! Mother's Day can be a day to honor that. There is no relation in this entire world that can be at par with the one we share with our mothers. It doesn't have to fit into anyone else's paradigm. Abraham Lincoln said, "All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother". "She is dearly missed".

Yet it is the "little" things she did day in and day out, week in and week out, year in and year out, that I'll probably remember most.

I grew up with many mother figures - their arms were always up for a hug or a cry. "This Sunday maybe lunch for the big boy and his co-employees".

"Mothers day is just a lovely time here, we have lots of attractive fresh flowers plants, it smells great in here, and we have a lot of pretty things in here for all the mothers", says Monica Harrison, the owner of Winterville Flower Shop.