Amazon gives voice-enabled speaker a screen, video calling

Here is the Echo Show introductory video Amazon made to show-off Alexa's new skills. It will be available in both black and white versions.

Pre-orders of the new Amazon Echo Show are set to ship June 28th to USA residents. Availability will be as early as June with a price tag that reads over $200. The Amazon Echo Show has its home-brewed digital assistant Alexa handling all the operations based on voice-commands and now touch screen inputs.

While the voice-activated assistant is capable of connecting to devices such as the Philips Hue lighting system, ArsTechnica says it will also be compatible with "smart cameras from Ring and Arlo".

It seems like Amazon is marketing the Echo Show as the hands-free device for your living room or kitchen.

"Internationalization of all of our products is incredibly important, but I don't have anything to share today", a company spokesperson told Business Insider.

"Alexa, show me cooking videos on YouTube". Instead, the Alexa app on your smartphone will pull and sync your contacts, matching you up with whichever of your friends and family also have a calling-enabled Echo device synced with their own phones.

"Now Alexa can show you things", the online retailing behemoth said on its site.

The addition of Alexa calling and messaging is big for Amazon and its Echo devices. Users can choose who is allowed to "drop in" or not. The device includes Dolby-powered speakers for music playback for "crisp vocals and dynamic bass response".

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The Amazon Echo Show can do anything the OG Amazon Echo can do - except better! In April this year, Amazon had unveiled the Echo Look. Above the screen is a 5MP camera, with the speakers placed below the screen.