Google reveals latest details on Android O

Google has offered its Google Home intelligent speaker product in the United States for some time now, but if you wanted one in Australia you had to effectively sneak it in the back door while nobody at Google was looking.

While many smartphones are still waiting for their Android 7.0 Nougat update, Google is charging full steam ahead with the developer preview for the platform's next release: Android O.

The company's digital helper will soon be available for iPhones too, Google's Scott Huffman announced during the keynote presentation at its I/O developer conference Wednesday.

"It is forcing us to reimagine our products for a world that allows a more natural, seamless way of interacting with technology".

Pichai said the new Google Lens is a set of vision-based computing capabilities that can understand what you are looking at.

But Google Lens is a fair bit smarter than that. A good example of this is the upcoming Google Lens app, which will allow AI routines to rapidly identify visual images.

There's hands-free calling, a feature Amazon just added to Echo. This while people using its dominant internet search engine and leading email service have been feeding the machines valuable pieces of personal information for almost 20 years.

Google also announced that the Assistant is coming to iOS devices.

Google launches AndroidO or Android Oreo, the new OS will bring more fluid experiences to mobile screens, along with improved "vitals" like battery life and security.

In an interesting twist, one of those third-party "devices" will actually be the Apple iPhone, which will receive its own version of the Assistant to compete with Apple's Siri, right on her own turf. The Google Assistant app is able to surface information from Gmail, find videos on YouTube, and perform Google searches.

Starting today you can type to Google Assistant on phones.

Pinterest has a similar tool.

Google CEO Pichai also announced another feature called Google Lens which can recognise objects by simply pointing smartphone's camera at them.

Google Assistant will start letting you order and buy things, thanks to an update to the tools Google makes available to developers. You can choose to share your entire library or photos of specific subjects. "Android Go" will be a part of Android O, and it will also include optimized versions of apps and the Google Play Store to reduce resource and data usage. Samsung's Bixby app can scan a photo of a business card and save the information as a contact, something more aligned with Google's new capabilities. The app will draw upon its AI powers to automatically pick out the best pictures to put in the album.