Ridley Scott's legacy cemented in Hollywood

Many die hard Alien fans did not care for Ridley Scott's alien prequel film Prometheus.

Ridley Scott is teaming with TNT to develop a night of original science fiction programming.

Below, Heat Vision has assembled a refresher course on what you truly need to know before seeing Alien: Covenant. It attacks the lone living Engineer, who then births a proto-Xenomorph. They soon discover the remains of the Prometheus ship which had disappeared 15 years prior and it doesn't take long for this to turn into the worst couples retreat of all time.

Despite a new wave of Prometheus defenders/ apologists, Scott seems to be addressing numerous complaints fans had about that film, primarily its lack of facehuggers and Xenomorphs.

And this being a sequel to Prometheus, there are hints of that movie's themes about human origins-but in John Logan, Dante Harper, Jack Paglen and Michael Green's script, the hints are so oblique that they tend to get lost in the shuffle of Scott's otherworldly atmospherics and all the mini-monster chest-hatchings. Now if they'll just make one where we can be Jason Voorhees.

The planet turns out to be infested with aliens and another - even more risky - villain. Throw in the fact that Prometheus' lingering mysteries are nearly entirely ditched (specifically in relation to the Engineers and their role in, well, everything) and this movie makes for an unsatisfying experience. With their eyeless heads and round, blood-dripping mouths, they look like Guillermo del Toro's nightmares.

Different types of Aliens are created after cross-species infections.

Fans of the Alien franchise who have been following along with the new unfolding Alien: Covenant marketing know that several brief clips have been released already, which taken together, weave the journey of the spaceship called Covenant. That's why the insertion of an artificial intelligence has been fitting. After Charlie makes love to his wife Elizabeth, he unknowingly passes on an infection of a squid-like alien. The film tied up many, if not all, of its loose ends.

Essentially, he's got the looks of a human and the personality of one.

Alien facehuggers don't exclusively infect humans. Initial observations - the silence, the lack of any wildlife, the presence of cultivated wheat - help layer on the ever-growing tension and confirm every Alien fan's spidey sense that something ugly is about to appear.

We still don't have much information about the Decon alien, or where the Neomorph comes from. You'll meet a new iteration, and some other creatures, in "Covenant" too.

"I mean, did you see what happened to those people?" he asks with a laugh.

Xenomorphs behave differently if they are in proximity to their queen. Even the title of this new film hints at the theological shift from Prometheus, turning the ship into a kind of Noah's Ark with paired-off crew members, and addressing the co-existing responsibilities of creator and created: What do we owe to God, and what does God owe to us?