Can Microsoft's Xbox One X Take on Sony's PS4?

Xbox also revealed that "Gears of War 4,"Forza Horizon 3,"Minecraft,"Resident Evil 7", "Final Fantasy 15,"Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands", "Rocket League" and dozens of other popular Xbox One games will receive free updates to take full advantage of the power of Xbox One X".

There's no denying that the specifications of the Xbox One X are beyond impressive, and they have massively pushed the boundaries for the hardware limits of a home console, even them bringing them on a comparable footing with PC gaming.

Spencer stated that the reason there will be fewer is down to two main reasons. That being said, if we're aiming for parity with the Xbox One X, it has to be included.

So when the Xbox One X was announced, most figured they'd learned their lesson. The company introduced the PS2 five years after the PS1, the PS3 almost seven years after the PS2, and the PS4 seven years after the PS3. According to FutureSource, total Xbox One game sales are expected to rise by 17% to 70 million throughout 2017 with the bulk of game sales happening in Q4 to coincide with the Xbox One X's launch.

Selling a newly-released games console at a loss is not uncommon.

Thanks to its considerable power and graphical capabilities, Microsoft is comfortable in pricing its new console as it did.

Microsoft is touting Forza 7 as one of its flagship Xbox One games as well as being an Xbox Play Anywhere title hence the Windows Store listing.

There's also the chance that ARK will run at 60fps on the Xbox One X, another big games boost against the rival PS4 Pro and Nintendo Switch.

Seemingly, most gamers aren't demanding a more powerful console, but they are craving content on the consoles they already own. 22 exclusive to the console, which can be played throughout the Xbox One range. In fact, those who do not wish to go the console way can even build a decent gaming PC for less than US$500.

"If you're a consumer looking to get into this generation of consoles, Xbox One S is a great console for you", he continued. At the event, the company announced that original Xbox backward compatibility would be making its way to Xbox One, but besides announcing Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge for the service, further details were scarce.