Wife of alleged Virginia shooter: 'I can't believe he did this'

The FBI says Hodgkinson had been living for the past three months in his vehicle and taking showers at the YMCA in Alexandria, Virginia.

The investigation into James T. Hodgkinson's life in the months and weeks leading up to his alleged attack on a congressional baseball practice is well underway, and police are asking for the public's help in both Virginia and his home state of IL.

"Tasha assumed it was because of them living there.... when your daughter returns home things kind of flip upside down, [the Hodgkinsons] were retired", explained Knepper's mother, Victoria Knepper, from her home in Saint Libory, Illinois, about 30 minutes east of Belleville. But the fact he targeted Republican members of Congress suggests strongly that he was upset with them - and that he believed killing some of them was an appropriate reaction to his displeasure.

The FBI is still investigating the case and is looking through Hodgkinson's belongings, including his cellphone, computer and camera.

He left her in March, headed to Washington, D.C.

Over the course of Thursday's news conference, Hodgkinson did not wish to discuss her husband's politics and asked reporters to leave her neighbors and family alone.

"While he continually expressed his opposition to the Republican agenda in Congress, the correspondence never appeared threatening or raised concerns that anger would turn to physical action", Bost said.

"I just wish this would all go away".

Hodgkinson told the YMCA on Tuesday that he wanted to cancel his membership because he was moving, the YMCA said in a statement.

Even more incredible, Rep. Brooks was standing not far from the 3 base line awaiting his turn at bat as the shooter started his attack only a few yards away, in the 3 base dugout. James Hodgkinson, who was 66, died of gunshot wounds suffered in a shootout with police. Zack Barth, an aide to Rep. Roger Williams (R-Texas), was shot in the calf. He was one of five people wounded Wednesday in an attack on a Republican team practice in Virginia.

Back in IL at least one friend of Hodgkinson - who didn't give his full name - defended him, saying, "I just want to let people know he wasn't evil, that he was exhausted of some of the politics going on". Federal Bureau of Investigation agent Tim Slater said the Federal Bureau of Investigation needs the public's help in piecing together Hodgkinson's whereabouts and activities while he was in Alexandria.

Mr Trump said Mr Scalise was "a true friend and patriot". He always drank alone, and always drank cans of Budweiser - sometimes just one, sometimes as many as six, said Kristina Scrimshaw, a bartender at the restaurant.

Suzanne Hodgkinson said she thought her husband had traveled to Washington to focus on tax issues but had not known much of what he was doing. And he was just as politically active online as he was in person. She said she feels "horrible" about what happened. It wasn't 'Hey, do you mind if I used the bike?' It was like, 'Hey, you're in my way.

Sue Hodgkinson spoke to reporters Thursday outside her IL home.

He volunteered for Sen.

Hodgkinson's social media postings included anti-conservative rants. He came to kill Republicans - the more conservative, the better. Court records show that his legal trouble started in the 1990s with arrests for resisting police and drunken driving.

Ten years earlier, a foster daughter committed suicide by dousing herself with gasoline and setting herself on fire inside her auto, the Belleville News-Democrat reported.

Hodgkinson, a Belleville, Ill., resident, is the former owner of JHT Construction and JHT Inspections, according to the Belleville News Democrat. A police report states he had license to shoot the weapon and wasn't charged in the incident.

And since then it was every morning I grabbed coffee he'd be sitting there and say, "Hey, Mr. Bill" or 'Hey, Mr. Mayor, how are you doing? The St. Clair County Sheriff's Department responded.

Richer reported from Richmond, Virginia. No charges were filed.