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Moon Willow Press’s 7th addition to the Great Bear Rainforest series is now online: Serengeti of the North. The GBR articles explore several aspects of the critical raincoast habitat, which has been threatened by logging, mining, and other activities and is now up for grabs as a pawn in the fight to export Alberta oil sands to China. In the most current article, Serengeti of the North, the Pacific coast migration is compared to the great plains of Tanzania, where millions of gazelles, wildebeests, and other animals migrate each year. Whether in British Columbia or the Serengeti, someone wants to build a road through it–in this case a pipeline and a tanker “road”. The article focuses on marine life either migrating through or more permanently a fixture in the Great Bear Rainforest, and how it might be affected by oil disasters. The article also praises plankton as the food of the gods (like grass in the Serengeti), which is the primary motivating force when sea life is driven to search for food. You’ll see that plankton is an amazing organism–some of its species may even have some mad Mother Nature skills when it comes to dealing with tiny doses of oil–but not large. The article questions opening the wilderness up to the potential for oil spills and leaks, and calls for preservation in this historically and ecologically significant area of the world.

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Written by Mary Woodbury

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