Callout for contributors to Great Bear Rainforest project

Moon Willow Press, which runs BC Rainforest, is working on a special project, named The Enchanted Rainforest, to culminate in 2015-2016. This rainforest project will celebrate the Pacific Northwest Temperate Rainforest with a video/school project, printed book, and e-book and will include information from our Great Bear Rainforest Series as well as contributor quotes and… Read more »

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    BC Supreme Court rules “free” water license for fracking

    According to the Wilderness Committee, the Supreme Court of BC has ruled that the oil and gas industry, as well as other industries, do not require a water license for long-term access to the province’s freshwater resources. The article cites Ecojustice staff lawyer, Morgan Blakely, as saying, “Our clients are disappointed with this outcome, but… Read more »

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    The Pristine Coast examines BC fish farming history

    Having worked with a non-profit for the Fraser before, which called for the end of fish farming in open-net waters where wild salmon live, I know the dangers. Please share this upcoming film: From the Biologist and indefatigable fish-farm gadfly Alexandra Morton features prominently in this reasonable and cogent examination of the four-decade history… Read more »

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    People’s Climate March, September 21

    From NYC People’s Climate March: In September, world leaders are going to New York City for a UN summit on the climate crisis. UN Secretary­ General Ban Ki-­moon is urging governments to support an ambitious global agreement to dramatically reduce global warming pollution. With our future on the line and the whole world watching, we’ll… Read more »

  • Trip to Tweedsmuir Provincial Park

    I recently spent a few days up in beautiful, isolated northern-central BC, near Bella Coola, the “gateway to the Great Bear Rainforest”. My husband and I, and our moms, spent time enjoying the sights along the Atnarko River and the forests, including a trek back to see the Nuxalkmc petroglpyhs. This journey will be further… Read more »

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    1.3 billions of gallons of mining waste flows into waterways

    According to Think Progress, a tailings pond leak near Mount Polley copper and gold mine was breached, spilling 1.3 billion gallons of slurry into nearby waterways. Tailings ponds hold a mix of water, minerals, and chemicals, forming “mining waste”. Included in the chemicals are arsenic, mercury, and sulfur. The immediate gush was into Hazeltine Creek… Read more »

  • Rowan berries

    Thor’s helper

    Oh how I love some mythology that comes along with my favorite trees. Out front we have a Rowan tree, Sorbus aucuparia. It’s called a Mountain Ash around here, but I prefer Rowan as it’s an Old Norse name for tree, or raun. Celtics also called it the Traveler’s Tree. The tree has a lot… Read more »

  • Blue Dot Tour this November

    According to The Globe and Mail, David Suzuki, Neil Young, Feist, and Margaret Atwood will be touring all the provinces to promote environmental awareness in Canada. Here is the promotional video:  

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    What’s new in the rainforest?

    We have been very busy this summer promoting our other project, a site that has been cataloging nature and climate themed fictional books as well as notable nature essays since August 2013. Our newest branch of this site is a new community discussion group for writers and readers of environmental-themed books, whether cli-fi, sci-fi, speculative,… Read more »

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    Cli-Fi Books expands to include nature fiction

    BC-based Cli-Fi Books is expanding its focus to “Nature Fiction” in order to include other nature-themed books and prose. Though the current domain will not change, the archive is now also directing the URL to its site. This expansion will hopefully attract more readers and authors since the climate change community is still fairly… Read more »

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    Rainforest news

    Preemptive to a short holiday, here is a summary of rainforest news: Cedars Threatened by Climate Change, Logging Would Be First Alaska Tree Ever Given Federal Protection: Biological Diversity reports that Conservation groups filed a formal petition today to protect yellow cedar trees under the Endangered Species Act because of ongoing threats from climate change… Read more »